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Welcome to Rita’s skinhaircare, I began my beauty career in 1996 n 2011 along with my husband I opened my salon in Surrey. My commitment has always been and will continue to be in providing excellent customer care while using the best salon products available.


Although on a smaller scale, Sutton  Courtenay Beauty Room is built on the same principles. I believe our home is an extension of our own being. 


Opening a salon in my own home allows me to invite my clients into a safe, warm and professional environment while using techniques which I have developed and products that I have discovered through many years of being involved in the beauty industry.

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Rita Robinson owner




I'm from The country that brought you the thong, buttocks, extreme beach volleyball and the supermodel, Giselle, knows far more than you ever need to know about the fine art of hair removal…


So with pure vanity as the main motivator, Brazilians also became the world experts in beauty, including personal and very personal deforestation!


In Brasil, beauty has been refined to an art form, and we are happy to share our secrets with you!


The only effort you have to make is to glide into my Place and  Experience the Brazilian approach to stunning skin and brilliantly smooth bodies with all the latest hair removal techniques, skin refining facials, body wax, and much more.


Where quality and value comes first, we promise that once you’ve discovered me, you’ll look forward to your next visit! And we really look forward to welcoming you.



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